Healthcare Leaders to Chart Out Blueprint of Healthcare Reforms at India Leadership Conclave 2014

Veteran Healthcare Leaders Dr B Somraju, Dr Mukesh Batra, Dr Shashank R Joshi, Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Dr Jothydev Kesavadev, Dr. Sandeep Chatrath, Dr. Ashwini Kumar Kudari among others to debate Unequal India & an unfinished agenda at ILC 2014

More than Half the population of India who live in the remotest corners of the country are not equal partners of the rest of india with regard to Healthcare access, insurance, affordability & above all the impending critical diseases where healthcare is denied & marginalized due to the poor economic conditions & the failure of the successive governments at the centre to provide the healthcare access & treatment. Healthcare in India is both a complex challenge and an immense opportunity. Beyond the health benefits of medical innovations and interventions, addressing access to affordable basic health and wellness care is imperative to the financial security of low-income Indians. Indeed, health expenses remain the leading reason for India's growth trajectory. on-communicable diseases (i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer), Health Financing, Maternal/Infant Medicine remain the bigger challenges in India reflecting the current epidemiology in India's poor state of Healthcare reforms. Historically, it was communicable diseases, such as Tuberculosis and Polio, which received the attention of public health experts as these globally afflict the poor. NCDs, such as diabetes and hypertension, were not prioritized as these were considered 'lifestyle diseases' that only affect wealthy populations. In fact, there are 63 million diabetic patients in India, and rural and urban poor account for over 60% of cases. Lack of access to affordable care makes NCDs more prevalent among poor Indians.

For those who cant afford in private hospitals, the rosy picture of India's rising space in healthcare domain is a non issue despite the claim that the healthcare sector in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15 per cent to touch US$ 158.2 billion in 2017 from US$ 78.6 billion in 2012, & india being a country with a growing population, its per capita healthcare expenditure has increased at a CAGR of 10.3 per cent from US$ 43.1 in 2008 to US$ 57.9 in 2011, and going forward it is expected to reach US$ 88.7 by 2015. It is true that The e factors behind the growth of the sector are rising incomes, easier access to high-quality healthcare facilities and greater awareness of personal health and hygiene.

Healthcare providers in India are expected to spend US$ 1.08 billion on IT products and services in 2014, a four per cent increase over 2013. But why the Doctors are not willing to go out to the villages while assigned to them & Why the Govt is not so serious of revamping the present situation where we have a big requirement of Doctors, Nurses & Primary Healthcare Centres. It is pity that some of the PHC's in india are either closed or opened for nothing as there are no infrastructure says Mr.Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Network & Media Group on the eve of the debate on "Unequal India & an unfinished agenda of the Indian Healthcare Challenges" at the 5th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2014. The Conclave attempts to find out the opinions of the Healthcare Professionals who will assemble on Friday, 18th July 2014 in Mumbai to debate on this important topic". Dr. B Somaraju,Cardiologist & CMD, Care Hospitals Group Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder Chairman, Dr Batra's Dr Shashank R Joshi ,Endocrinologist & Dibetologist, Joshi Clinic Dr Sandeep Chatrath,CEO,Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre,Dr Gaurav Sharma,Diabetologist & Life Style Doctor,CMD,DrG Wellness(P)Ltd. Dr. Ashwini Kumar Kudari,Associate Professor, Surgical Gastroenterology MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev,Founder Chairman, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre And Hospitals, Dr Chytra.V.Anand, Cometic Dermatologist of Kosmoderma & Dr Deepak K Jumani, Consultant in Sexual Health and Counsellor. The Conclave is running on a theme "Perform or Perish"

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