"Health Lottery Dictated by UK Post Codes Drives Britons to Take Out Health Insurance" Says Howard Holt Health Insurance

The Contrast in the Quality of Public Health Services Available Depending on UK Resident's Post Codes has Caused a Health Lottery.

The quality of care available to UK residents can vary dramatically, purely related to their post code - creating a health lottery effect. One side of a typical UK town may have access to great transport links to a hospital with a brand new Maternity department, the other side of town may have to endure three buses plus a walk or taxi ride, followed by a four hour wait in an old hospital waiting room. There may not be much difference in the experience and knowledge of the hospital staff, but the number of staff, standard of equipment and a patient's overall health service experience can differ vastly.

A similar situation that has been highly publicised in the UK, is with state funded schools and the geographical barriers that the government draw to determine which child will go to what school and where, having a massive impact on the child's education and, in the long run, their success in the future. This can often be the case with publicly funded services across the country. The post code lottery regarding the National Health Service can affect the quality of care patients receive and the time they have to wait to receive treatment.

This post code health lottery results in more people turning to private health insurance companies to ensure they and their families have access to the best care without the risk of a long waiting list. With private health insurance, patients have the peace of mind knowing that if they do need urgent medical care, they don't need to worry about whether there are enough facilities available for them to receive prompt treatment. With the divide in the standard of care due to the post code health lottery, numbers of people have searched online for the best health insurance quotes. However, this is not a cheap option and people can often be faced with high premiums if they have previous or chronic health issues, such as heart problems or diabetes.

Howard Holt, Managing Director of Howard Holt Health Insurance, has over thirty years in the insurance industry, and specialises in helping people to make the right choice and find the best health insurance cover at the most competitive premiums. His company has a number of exclusive arrangements with some of the biggest and most popular private health insurance companies. Holt has released an informative and helpful YouTube video to advise people what to look out for when buying health insurance and how to find the most suitable policy that can be tailored to their requirements.

Holt says "many people searching for private health insurance make the unwitting mistake of going straight to the insurer and applying direct." He goes on to explain that contacting the private health insurer direct can turn out to be more expensive and by going to just one insurance company customers are limiting themselves to the number of policies available to them. In his YouTube video, Holt advises customers to go through an independent health insurance broker, who can find a policy to suit the individuals needs. To see Howard Holts health insurance advice video, copy and paste this link into the address bar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrYV9Srqqo4. To get a free health insurance quote through Howard Holt Health Insurance, follow this link http://www.healthinsurancequoteuk.org/


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