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There's nothing worse than watching clumps of precious locks swirl down the drain every morning after shower, or being forced to treat hair like fragile glass when you comb it just to prevent excess shedd

If one is suffering from hair loss, just another dreaded effect of the aging process, at least it's nice to know one is not alone. Approximately 50% of women and over 65% of men have admitted to noticeable hair thinning or loss before reaching the age of sixty. And the numbers are growing. The world-wide rate of hair loss sufferers is climbing rapidly, doubling and more in the four year period between 2004 and 2008.

While the majority of British men dread balding and have realized that hair loss is a threatening emotional health issue, three out of four men still believe that hair loss cannot be prevented, andalmost 90% are unaware that any medically proven and science based treatments for hair loss even exist.

Companies have caught on to the painful emotional effects surrounding hair loss, so they've begun marketing a variety of products that claim to effectively cure and even reverse the health issue for both genders. The fact that there is not much knowledge about hair loss benefits these companies, as they are able to prey on the uninformed and successfully market defective products. However, when browsing these products, it's important to keep in mind that minoxidil and finasteride are currently the two sole hair loss treatment products that are medically approved.

Advanced Health LTD, a company located in Scotland, a new hair loss treatment, named Har Vokse, created from a unique formula featuring vitamins, minerals, and marine proteins has recently been released. This new product's formula has been thoroughly studied through controlled clinical double-blind placebo tests, and has fared extremely well, showing a 32.4% increase in hair growth after six months of treatment in the patients given the actual treatment rather than the placebos. These studies were taken in Norway in 2001 and, that same year, the studies' results received a published spot in the Journal of International Medical Research.

Dr.Elring Thom, who performed the tests on Har Vokse, gave a short testimonial about the product following the studies: "This supplement has a positive effect on hair growth, very effective, tolerable and none of the subjects has stopped treatment due to any side effects."

Advanced Health LTD's Har Vokse presents customers with a dual action system featuring Hair Regrowth Supplement and Protective Treatment Regrowth Spray, a unique combination unseen in any other hair loss treatment product. The system treats customers' hair loss quickly and effectively, the spray by reducing scalp inflammation and protecting it from oxidative damage, and the supplement, when taken orally twice daily, promoting hair restoration and thickening.

Har Vokse has received tons of feedback from clinical study participants who have previously taken the supplement, many of which reported that the product may also improve skin conditions and nail health. If taken consistently for at least several months, Har Vokse shows positive and effective results.
Presently, this product is only available on the official website harvokse.com, where it can often be purchased at a lower rate than the listed price.

Buy Har Vokse is a website designed to present viewers and potential customers with detailed information about Har Vokse. Explaining how the product functions, any negative effects it might cause, and what can realistically be expected of it. www.BuyHarVokseOnline.com also provides customers with unbiased opinions that spell the whole truth about Har Vokse. The website also tells readers the current options for hair loss treatments and tips on how to prevent it in the first place.

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