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Grown-ups Don't Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life by Susan Sherbert

To reach the child within, you must first give it permission to come out and play.

Tax Time is over, let the FUN begin!

Grown-ups Don't Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life, is a motivational book by Susan Sherbert that inspires people to enjoy life and have more fun. The book is full of humorous stories and thought provoking lessons to help grown-ups think like a kid but act like a responsible adult.

"I think I am a kid at heart but this book reminded me how easy it is to fall in the pattern of behaving like a grown-up person. The book is inspirational, very uplifting, fun, easy to read and sticks with you for a long time after."
 Bold Cheryl

People want, and need, to have more fun but they get so caught up in life that fun gets pushed aside. As a child our lives were full of imagination, energy, and acceptance of others, yet as adults reality sets in and our dreams begin to fade away. We become stressed, judgmental, and full of fear. We let our worries dominate our thoughts so there is no room left for fun.

Grown-ups Don't Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life will change the adult way of thinking so fun and dreams can come back into our stress filled lives. The book is available in paperback and digital on Amazon. It is the prefect starting place to welcome fun and joy back into the grown-up world. For more information visit

About Susan Sherbert: Susan's purpose in life is to help people smile. She was a humor columnist for over 12 years and is author of over 50 original corny joke ebooks. Yet her favorite publishing adventure was when a national linen store purchased 4,000 copies of her 28 page book about the practical joke of short sheeting a bed. 714-850-9070

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