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Is Your Gas Furnace Coping With This Particularly Savage Winter?

This winter has been particularly savage. Ice, snow, and winter storms have quite literally played havoc with the temperatures. In this sort of weather, it is important that your gas furnace is operating at maximum efficiency. Not only to keep your home or business comfortable, but to help keep operating costs down. Griffith Energy Services are your gas furnace experts and can assist with all your gas furnace needs.

Gas furnaces either use natural gas or propane. They are an efficient and cost effective means of heating your home or business. Before purchasing a gas furnace, it is important that the technology behind the appliance is known, as well as fuel options and efficiency. It is also imperative to know the size of the area you need heated. Griffith Energy Services are the experts in gas furnaces, and can assist with not only providing the correct gas furnace for your needs, but installation as well.

You may just wish to have your older model converted. This is achievable however, modern gas furnaces are manufactured to burn specific fuels. Before deciding on buying a new gas furnace or converting your older model, you will need to ascertain what fuel you have access to, and what modifications will need to be made to accommodate the fuel. The qualified and experienced technicians at Griffith Energy Services can help.

It will need to be ascertained whether you will have access to natural gas, or propane. Natural gas is normally provided via a pipeline running through populated neighborhoods, while propane is transported by truck and stored at your premises in a steel tank. While natural gas is generally less expensive than propane, propane is a cleaner burn.

It is never advised to repair, install, upgrade, or purchase a new gas furnace without expert assistance.

Call Griffith Energy Services today, or you can visit their user-friendly website at for even more valuable information about gas furnaces as well as other heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial properties.

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