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Green Machine "praised" Is the Last Word with the Market

Haze frequent attacks make people aware of the seriousness of air pollution

Haze frequent attacks make people aware of the seriousness of air pollution , even though the state has adopted a series of measures to supervise all walks of life to saving and environmental protection of the road, but the results are not satisfactory, as the vanguard of environmental pollution , environmental protection machinery brought to the striker , engineering machinery enterprises also have to respond to national call to increase investment in energy-saving environmental protection industry , focus on the development of new powertrain and exhaust systems , environmental protection machinery can be described as a bright prospect .

Data show that China produces annually about 250 million tons of municipal solid waste , urban garbage deposit accumulated more than 500 million square meters of land encroachment , the annual economic loss of up to 30 billion yuan . In addition, dust emissions from the exhaust of industrial production , construction sites and road traffic generated is an important part of haze . Therefore, strengthening the construction of ecological civilization , domestic sanitation companies, equipment suppliers, is both an opportunity and a challenge.

In China, the proportion of pollution construction equipment industry is very large, compared with developed countries , our superior pollution index . Although China has been in the implementation of the " energy saving " measures, but a temporary solution, because it is only a single product, but did not form a strategy. Fog and haze struck again to alarm us , " green strategy " has become an inevitable trend in the development of engineering industry , the same time, promoting the urbanization process of building , but also makes environmental protection machinery broader market space .

Our sanitation equipment companies have done a dozen years, but not many actually do research , if only the surface to imitate, not to have a deep understanding of sanitation products , is unable to provide quality products to customers. The face of China's environmental protection equipment market blowout, many experts expressed concern that once the policy to guide and encourage the brightest funds flocked to the photovoltaic industry is likely to repeat the mistakes of the Decline . On the one hand , the production of energy saving equipment may be due to policy stimulus , production overcapacity lower threshold , which is the need to guard against the potential risks . On the other hand , the use of energy saving equipment and technical services associated with a greater degree , including whether to use environmentally friendly equipment and the size of the illegal punishment , as well as government institutional arrangements and administrative levels in environmental policy .

Therefore, a good supplier should further improve the fine management . Meanwhile, energy-saving environmental protection industry in the development process should pay attention to the market, to avoid policies driven out by the Great Leap Forward -style development. Environmental protection industry to develop technical specifications , product standards and business standards for environmental protection machinery market , but also the formation of long-term supervision mechanism to achieve industrial upgrading and environmental transformation from manufacturing to service industries .

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