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GoTradeMyStuff.com Could Spell the End of the Yard Sale

The launch of GoTradeMyStuff.com, the cash for old CDs, DVDs and Games recycling website, could mean the end to yard sales selling old DVDs and CDs.

No matter which part of the country you live in there are always two things at a yard sale, an old (and often unused) exercise bike, as well as CDs and DVDs. Today with the launch of the brand new recycling website GoTradeMyStuff.com it looks as if old CDs, DVDs and Games will no longer be for sale. The website, which is free to use, pays cash for music, films and games without having to negotiate a deal. Simply type in the barcode and get an instant offer.

A GoTradeMyStuff.com user just types in the 12 or 13 digit barcode from the reverse of the item they want to sell and the "GoTradeEngine" identifies what it is and how much it could be worth. If the user accepts the offer they get sent a free shipping label and once everything has been quickly tested they receive a check in the post.

"The idea behind GoTradeMyStuff.com came about through seeing all the yard sales that pop up every spring and summer, " commented Phillip Yancey of GoTradeMyStuff.com. "Every time you stop at a yard sale you see a table filled with CDs and DVDs as well as the odd games console with games piled on top and all of them are generally dusty and have probably sat around for a year or so. We wanted to create a service that was simple to use and also people can see what things are really worth hence developing GoTradeMyStuff.com. We think it's a great way to declutter as well as earn a few extra bucks any time of the year so no reason to wait for yard sale season."

Unlike traditional online selling websites there are no auctions with GoTradeMyStuff.com, the website offers a value then and there and as long as when the item is received it meets some simple quality checks the user receives a payment for it. The value offered for each item can be anything from a few cents up to $30.

"Although we have only just launched we have had quite a few comments from people about how easy it is to sell their old CDs, DVDs and Games. With a few clicks they get an instant valuation and a free shipping label."

GoTradeMyStuff.com has plans to introduce a range of "cash for" recycling services over the next few months which are likely to include cell phones and old tablet computers.

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