Google's Cloud Storage Database And Related Services At SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA is a leading Java solutions provider with over 15 years of experience in this domain.

SPEC INDIA has successfully integrated various solutions for various leading FMCG companies, Real-estate companies, as a Mobile solutions provider, and so on. Our services include database generation, data warehousing, database modeling, database restructuring and data migration. Our average experience ranges as around 2.8 years per Database engineer.

Google - the name itself alone represent the thrive to come up with new and newer things in the internet market; be it be services or products. This time around the name is Google Cloud. It is being developed to service all needs of User, and at the same time providing quickest and the easiest interface available. Users can put their files into Google Drive and then access them on their desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

It is expected that the service work on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS - all via

With Google cloud database server, the users get an improved user interface that makes creating, configuring, managing and monitoring the database instances as simple as single click.

The cloud databases are an efficient way to store entire set and millions of size of information without having to clutter up the hard drive, and have the ability to increase the performance of your machine.

The cloud SQL is also hosted on Google App Engine. It allows one to build and host apps all in one place. Google gets it updated very frequently and thus it always matches to ever-changing trends and expectations of the market. And it has been a proven fact that app engine has been a great way to perform regular tasks on your device - right from new app build-up to enhancing the existing ones.

At SPEC INDIA, our database team consists of 60+ well-trained software development professionals. The services based includes:
 Data Warehousing
 Relational Database
 Database Administration
 Application Back End development and Support
 Dash Board
 Analytical Reports generation
 Backend Interface

Feel free ever to drop us an email at, we will always be happy to assist you. SPEC INDIA is a ISO 9001:2008 certified IT solutions provider company with a lots of experience on database applications development side as well as managing loads of data at a time with quality.


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