God Is Our Savior And He Wants Everyone To Have Full Knowledge Of Truth - Announces Ray of Hope Church

Pastor Vicky Gill provides a neighborhood like as masihi chruch, indian church where people can have a life-changing experience by god.

In a materialistic world many people are losing faith on the supernatural consistently. Even those that believe are confused about what to believe and what not. In such situation, Church and priests have been trying earnestly to re-ignite the flame of faith in human mind by preaching and trying to bring wisdom to people across the globe. In this context some of the institutions like the Ray of Hope Church are making better and more successful efforts.

Basically a Punjabi Masihi Church, Ray of Hope functions in New York. Over the years it has been showing the right path to the devotees all over the world. "God is our savior and he wants everyone to have full knowledge of the truth" says the head of Church. The Church and its priests aim to make the domain a point where devotees will forget everything and have a life=changing experience with the God.

"We are an Indian Church whose doors are wide open for everyone irrespective of their background, social status, religion and culture. A multi-cultural Church that is life giving in nature, we aim to infuse the love of God in both individuals as well as families engaging them in powerful worshipping services. In the process we offer them Biblical truth in the most relevant as well as practical ways", says the head Priest of the renowned Church.

Objectives of the founders of the Church are to make it one like those that have been described in the Bible; the one where people would find all types of relevant teaching, best worshipping processes, friendship that is honest, prayers as well as compassionate care for those that need them. While the Church professes Christianity, it is different from the traditional in the sense that it can influence as well as encourage the entire human clan. The process that is adopted is also unique in the sense that the Church aims to enlighten one life at a time.

One of the unique features of the New York Church is also that it comes to the aid of both fresh as well as seasoned Christians. That means it works for the new entrants in the domain, those that are still in the initial stages of their belief in Lord Jesus Christ and those that already have the faiths of Christianity deep rooted in their hearts; the Church has something for every category of people.

"Our Global Missions Ministry aims to carry the messages that will change the life of human beings and can create a connection between them and Lord Jesus Christ. It is the vulnerable and needy that we look forward to helping out with gospels and other messages about Lord Jesus Christ", elaborates one of the senior Priests (Pastor Vicky Gill) in the Church.

In a world that is plagued with multiple problems, the Indian Church in New York could become the real path finder for many.

Interested to connect with the social movement of eternal faith to calm your life? Join today at the Online Platform of this Punjabi Indian Church of New York at http://www.rayofhopechurch.org/, today!


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Website: www.rayofhopechurch.org.

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