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Goa Institute Of Management Makes A Great Start To Placements This Year With 80% Of Students Recruited In Phase 1 Itself

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has kept up with its impressive track record for placements this year as well. Nearly 80% of the students of batch 2014 have found placement with reputed corporate names by the end of 5th term.

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has kept up with its impressive track record for placements this year as well. Nearly 80% of the students of batch 2014 have found placement with reputed corporate names by the end of 5th term.

What's interesting is that this is just Phase 1 of the placement process and there's more to come in January 2014. It's definitely heartening news for the students of the institute and the faculty pool. Dr. Sunil Rai, Director, GIM mentions on a positive note that- "In the second phase commencing from second week of January, more companies are expected to visit GIM and going by the trend thus far, by February we expect 100% placement of the batch."

Many big names in the world of business have traditionally made their presence felt during the placement program of the institute and this year was no different. According to Prof. Tarun Pasricha, the Placement Chairman, "Several leading companies, predominantly from Financial Services, Consulting, IT and FMCG sectors came to the institute this year and added to the richness of the jobs offered to students."

It's not just the big names of employers that count, but their numbers as well. And they have significantly gone up this year, which is another feather in the cap for the placement program of the institute. Forty-four companies have already been to the institute this year. Seventeen of them have been new recruiters and more are expected in the second phase. The old recruiters are returning back as usual like every year. These are clear signs that the industry is continuing to take serious notice of the talent pool produced by GIM.

While we are talking numbers, the highest placement package offered so far this year is 13.67 lakhs. That is definitely a substantial amount, especially given that the institute has been focussing on median salary packages in the recent times. It has made a huge difference to the positioning of GIM as it made big gains in the top notch B School rankings. Prof. Pasricha avers with the philosophy as he says, "The median salary is our bigger focus and we have high hopes from the present batch because we have students from different backgrounds, work experience and innate talent."

One of the major highlights of the placement record of GIM is that it is known to remain consistent even in fluctuating economic times. And the trend continues this year as well, which seems astonishing to the outsider but for Dr. Rai it's the inherent nature of placements at the institute. "Placements end up being market driven, or market sensitive. In GIM this seesaw of sorts has been controlled to a great extent. When markets are bullish we do experience a fairly good rise in packages, but on the flip side, when the market is down, packages offered to GIM graduates hold steady and do not go down."

So what is it that the institute does differently to hold the attention of big name recruiters and offer the best to its students? Junaid Shah, a final year student and placement committee member sheds some light on the process as he says, "The placement efforts at GIM are entirely student driven activities. They involve a lot of toil, months of meticulous planning and daily follow-up. We contacted almost everyone - from HR heads to business leaders and finally our senior alumni. We went back to our past recruiters and convinced them to visit us again after years. I must say that our strong alumni base across sectors immensely helped us. It's this concerted effort of Placement Cell along with the guidance we receive from our faculty that has positioned us way ahead of other B-schools of our category.
We are committed to get 100% placement before any other equivalent B-School does"

And success it definitely has been this year, with around 80% of students already being placed in companies of their choice. Priyank Gujrani is one of them and he is pleased to the punch. "I got placed in a good company, which was my first preference," he says with a beaming smile. Alumni of GIM, its past success stories, are of the opinion that the institute encouraged them to focus on the role offered to them rather than their package or company profile. And they believe it's the best thing they could have done for their careers. It's a strategy, students seem to have used to good effect this year as well. They have been given the right platform for their future careers and now they are ready to grow wings and take the flight of success. On its part, the institute must be basking in the glory of another successful placement season.

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