GlobalWebPay - Announces New Countries for Low Cost Money Transfer Service.

GlobalWebPay, the rapidly expanding online payments provider today announces the launch of a number of new countries for its low cost money transfer service.

GlobalWebPay is now the easy alternative to banks for sending money from the UK to 36 countries. For a flat fee of £4.75, customers can send from £25 to £10,000.

GlobalWebPay today announced new services making it the most convenient way to send money to Hong Kong and Malaysia. These additions to its 24*7 online service come hot on the heels of new low cost money transfer services to Canada, Lithuania and Switzerland, launched earlier this year. In particular the service has already proved very popular with the Lithuanian population living in the UK (estimated at 75,000 plus in 2010 by the ONS).

For too long, banks have charged their customers high fees and offered poor FX rates. In addition, many of their services are only available during working hours and not available online.

GlobalWebPay believes that in addition to its low fee and competitive foreign exchange rates for which it is widely known, customers should also be able to expect a service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week together with a very knowledgeable, prompt and reliable support team. Payments are sent using local bank accounts in the countries concerned, so payments typically arrive next working day.

GlobalWebPay continues to innovate in the payments sector with new countries and service enhancements being added monthly, as it moves towards its aim of becoming the premier online cross border payments company.

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