GLBT Travel Agency to Give Clients $100, But There's a Catch

Through June 30, clients of Wilde Travels receive credit to lend via charitable organization

Wilde Travels ( announces today that it will give each new client a $100 credit to the charitable website with each trip sold until June 30, in celebration of the upcoming Gay Pride celebrations.

Wilde Travels, a gay and lesbian (GLBT) travel agency, focuses on high-end travel arrangements to off-the-beaten-path destinations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For every new client that books travel with the company, Wilde Travels has committed a $100 credit to Kiva, an organization that seeks to alleviate global poverty by providing local entrepreneurs small, short-term loans.

Wilde Travels founder Jacob Marek explains the impetus for the promotion: "For me, Pride season always reinforces a sense of community. I wanted to find a way to give something to my clients, beyond just a discount promotion." Marek adds, "Kiva is a great way for people to make a difference to people who are trying to help themselves; it's not a handout, but rather a helping hand. The best part is that when the loan is repaid, users can re-lend the funds to someone else. It's a lot of fun."

According to the organization's website, Kiva users have lent more than a half billion dollars in over 700,000 loans across 74 countries since being founded in 2005. Former President Bill Clinton says of Kiva, "If you look at, people with a very modest amount of money can make a huge positive impact all around the world. There are so many people who want to give but don't really know how to do it. Through, people around the world can become micro-bankers to developing world entrepreneurs."

For more information on Wilde Travels or to plan a trip, visit, email or call 305.517.7800.