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Gladiator card game origins from "Piece By Piece" card game. Players try to connect a 9 piece puzzle before anyone else. With a variety of different cards players are battling by taking pieces from other players to WIN!

GladiatorOlitz card game origins from "Piece By Piece" card game which is an educational puzzle card game for children from 6 to adult. Gladiatorolitz card game was inspired by the hit show "Scandal" on ABC which stars "Kerry Washington" as Olivia Pope and "Tony Goldwyn" as Fitzgerald Grant as the President of the United States. The shows creator "Shonda Rhimes" seems to have place Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant at the center of controversy by having a strong chemistry between the two. Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant seem to be the bulk of the glue that holds the show together. Rather you hate or love this power couple they capture your attention.

Gladiatorolitz card game was created by Joann Moss who is a native of South Carolina and a former foster parent of 13 years. Ms Moss says "Having a house full of children inspires you to find different and many ways to entertain them. I knew this game was a winner because the kids asked to play it again and again. It made me happy to see them enjoy it. My goal is to take this game to every level possible.

Gladiatorolitz card game is a great game to play. It's New! and Exciting! And most important it's Fun! The concept of the game is connect all of your own 9 puzzle pieces before the other players take them from you. With a variety of cards players battle to WIN!

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