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Rajavivaha is one of the leading manufacturers of silk textiles. It was started in the year 1905 by two brothers who were passionate about silk.

Rajavivaha is one of the leading manufacturers of silk textiles. It was started in the year 1905 by two brothers who were passionate about silk. Their business became popular over the years making them one of the most sought out name in wedding attire. With more than a century old experience in textile industry and extensive network with the best weavers in the country, Rajavivaha has turned out to be a specialist in silk dhoti. They have made a niche for themselves in the textile industry with their hand woven silk dhotis that hollers grandeur and elegance. In addition to silk dhotis, Rajavivaha also has a range of silk shirts, dhotis, readymade panchakacham, angavastram and kurtas.

Rajavivaha strives to make your wedding day special with their range of silk dhotis. Each dhoti weaved at Rajavivaha combines the century old experience to suit the grandeur and elegance expected of a groom. The dhotis weaved by the experienced and skilled weavers are a combination of pure golden zari and silk. SILKMARK, a certification for silk issued by the 'Silk Mark Organization of India' endorses that the silk clothing weaved is made of pure silk. All the dhotis of Rajavivaha are SILK MARK certified and follow the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Their online shopping site www.rajavivaha.com showcases the best wedding attire for men. The website provides detailed information about the type, width, quality and colour of zari and allows you to choose from the range of silk. When you shop at Rajavivaha site, your orders can be delivered right at your doorstep. They offer free delivery to any city or town within the country. Once you place the orders, they will be dispatched from the warehouse within 7 days. The delivery to your home will take anywhere between 3-5 days for cities and 6-12 days for towns. Rajavivaha also offers the facility of Express Shipping for certain clothing to a few cities, where your order gets delivered the next day. Extra charges are levied for such orders. They also have International shipping options with added delivery charges and online tracking facilities. You can connect to them via their Facebook and Twitter page.

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One of the finest silk enterprises in business today, Rajavivaha offers its range of wedding silk collection. Rajavivaha is a family silk textile business that has been in operation for over four generation. It makes weddings happier and grander through their range of silk dhotis, shirts, kurtas and panchakacham for men and kids. With 108 years of experience under its belt, Rajavivaha has established itself as leading name in silk industry. They specialize in weaving silk dhoti that makes a wedding more splendid and majestic. All the silk dhotis are hand woven by expert weavers. They also have a range of kurtas and shirts that provide a modern outlook to the traditional wedding attire. The line of silk attire by Rajavivaha is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary. To order their range of silk dhotis, shirts and kurtas, visit www.rajavivaha.com.

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