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Get Chiropractic Regular Visit in $37 at Fairway Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Steven Murdoch (Chiropractor) providing back pain, sciatica, headache and chiropractic adjustments services in kitchener, waterloo and cambridge, Ontario.

In today's world, visiting any professional chiropractor is not as easy as it looks. Fairway Chiropractic Centre provides you the best chiropractic treatment without paying too much. Our Professional Chiropractor Dr. Steven P. Murdoch has been operating at Fairway Chiropractic centre for many years.

Fairway chiropractic treatment centre in Kitchener is providing services for low back pain, headaches, and auto injury. We also provide non-medicated headaches treatment for Cambridge and waterloo patients. Kitchener Chiropractors offer new patients an in-depth consultation, a neuromuscular examination and a therapeutic massage along with vital and detailed information about what the spinal decompression treatment method entails. Available at a reasonable cost, the treatment takes only a few weeks and most patients are able to renew their normal life soon after.

Our clinic does not pressure patients into long term treatment contracts, and our Chiropractor tailors the care to suit the individual's need. Our patients count on us for friendly and caring solutions to their pain which we resolve with the help of advanced and well equipped techniques and more than a decade of professional experience is what makes them feel privileged while communicating their problem as the chiropractor makes them easy and comfortable with his understanding, apparently our patients feel a mental heal mere with a consultation even before the treatment. So we encourage if you have any chiropractic related problem feel free to fix up a friendly consultation at Fairway Chiropractic Centre in Kitchener.
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Fairway Chiropractic Centre
5 Manitou Drive
Kitchener, Ontario N2C 2J6 Canada
Tel: 519-748-5535
Email: fairwaychiro@rogers.com
Website: http://www.fairwaychiropractic.net

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