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Gardeners Put A Spring In Their Step

Gardeners keen to pick up their trowel are being advised to put their best foot forward. Now is the perfect time to lay new turf and get your garden in order.

Springtime may not have completely sprung in some areas of the UK but it is the perfect time of year for keen gardeners.

The coming months is the perfect opportunity to lay new turf and to get that emerald green lawn, envied by everyone.

To end up with the best quality lawn turf requires careful planning.

Everything is important, from the type of seeds planted to the way those seeds are cared for once in the ground.

It is also important to work out how much turf is required.

Remember to measure in metres and get the right equipment before laying the turf.

Equipment would include a rake, wheelbarrow, spade, wooden planks, gloves, knee pads, edging tool and something to water the turf with.

However, if it is raining don't think this means it is not possible to lay new turf. Emma Scott from Kennedy's Turf said now is the ideal time to plan the laying of new turf as there are sunshine and showers. She added: "There's all this free water coming out of the sky so don't waste the opportunity".

Warmer conditions will breathe life into gardens and the grass will begin to grow more quickly. If possible it is good to rake the lawn to help the grass sit up for mowing, and try to only to cut just the tips off the grass at this time of year. Other jobs to carry out during Springtime include trimming lawn edges, cutting around garden ornaments and trees using a lawn strimmer.

It is also advisable to neaten up and repair any damaged lawn edges.

Gardeners should also consider adding some form of top dressing to the lawn.

So long as new turf was not laid last year, then scarifying will help maintain lawn health. This will remove dead grass, thatch and moss. If there are noticeable bare patches on the lawn, adding some extra grass seed is a good idea.

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