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Future Force Unveils No Contact, No Friction Drive Train Advantage

Future Force, LLC., a Minnesota based technology incubation company, announces the release of their patented Zero Contact Transmission (ZCT) drive technology eliminating virtually all internal friction in the drive train. The technology changes the drive train game with unmatched longevity and efficiency.

Future Force's ZCT technology is a replacement for traditional mechanical gear-driven and direct drive transmission. Instead of using the physical contact of gears, chains, or belts, ZTC uses magnetic force to transfer power. Speaking about the release, Future Force principal and ZCT technology inventor, Mike Tkadlec cites; "A need to think about drive train technology in a completely new way in order to outperform the longevity and efficiencies of existing drives," as the catalyst behind the technology.

ZCT drive technology uses neodymium permanent magnets to transmit force between the input and output shafts. Because of the magnetic forces from the magnets (instead of gear-on-gear frictional force of conventional gears), there is no mechanical friction leading to reduced wear and no need for lubrication. This lack of friction drives further advantages including, greater than 95% efficiency, no heat build-up, no gearbox lubrication leaks, quieter operation, reduced maintenance, and extended run life.

The patented ZCT drive technology is an excellent fit in any application where there is a need for increased efficiency, reduced maintenance burden and lower operating cost. The technology is attractive to many industries including power generation (wind, wave, and others).

Future Force was founded and is operated by Mike Tkadlec. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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