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Galactic Conflict - A Large Scale RTS Game Designed for the iPad

Bitmen Studios announces the release of its competitive real-time strategy game Galactic Conflict for March, 14. The game brings the RTS genre to a scale previously unseen on mobile devices.

RTS fans have followed the development of Bitmen Studios' new Sci-Fi real-time strategy game for more than a year already ever since the developer had announced the new title in May last year. It already entered the beta phase beginning of December and after several months of balancing, the game will be available on March 14 for $5.99 worldwide on the AppStore.

Galactic Conflict lives up to its title since the developer promises real-time strategy at an unrivalled scale previously unseen on mobile devices. Players can literally control hundreds of units and fight against other players online for supremacy in the galaxy.

Players can choose between two distinct factions. More than two dozens of different space ship types are supported ranging from small fighters to gigantic battleships, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. The players fight for dominance in the galaxy by expanding their influence to new planets to get hold of the valuable resources they have to offer and use them to research better technology and build up huge space fleets.

Galactic Conflict was explicitly developed for the iPad and comes with intuitive touch controls that give the player total control over his forces. In addition to polished graphics with detailed space ship models and a beautiful space environment, Galactic Conflict impresses with its emotion system. Pilots commanded by the player will cheer, complain, call for help, express fear or pick up courage depending on the situation they are facing. Action-driven dynamic music adds to the immersive experience.

Like with any RTS game, the right strategy combined with perfect execution can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Galactic Conflict supports a story-driven single player campaign, skirmish against the AI on four difficulty settings and online synchronous multiplayer (up to four players) via Game Center.

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