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Fund My Contract Makes Consumer Financing Easy

New, easy to use, consumer funding software is now available to help finance companies and business fund more contracts and purchases.

Fund My Contract (FMC) is excited to announce the release of their online, membership-based, consumer financing platform. This easy-to-use, highly accessible online interface is available to dealers, distributors, as well as manufacturer sponsored programs. In addition, a number of primary and sub-prime lenders and consumer finance companies reside on the platform. Together, FMC provides a complete and seamless consumer financing solution serving most retail vertical markets.

FMC has established itself in the consumer finance industry by assembling a dynamic lender pool. This pool has allowed dealers to offer retail financing to customers regardless of prime, near-prime, and sub-prime credit demographics.

The FMC online and mobile interface allows dealers to close more retail transactions by offering on-the-spot financing solutions. Dealer representatives that are out on in the field can access the FMC interface from their mobile device (laptop, smart phone, etc.) and complete a credit application instantly. The FMC interface is easy-to-use and is presented in a step-by-step fashion; allowing the customer and dealer to carefully review and fully understand each step of the consumer financing process.

Along with dealers, lenders and consumer finance companies benefit as well from using FMC services. This is because the FMC software enables them to create exclusive, primary or second-look relationships with dealers in need of financing their products and services.

Consumer financing is an essential need for dealers, especially in today's economic climate. It is widely known that not all customers have the ability to purchase certain services or provide major cash outlays upfront. In addition, consumers have suffered major setbacks in managing a healthy credit score. This can create a detrimental bottleneck when it comes to closing sales and generating revenue. FMC's automated, step-by-step solution allows businesses to remain profitable by offering a wide array of consumer financing options.

FMC Chairman Joe Galluccio states: "I have been in this business space for 34 years and counting. Before I started this company, I found myself wondering what it would be like if there was a transparent, seamless way for retailers to establish and maintain their consumer lending partnerships. This was the fundamental driving force behind FMC and continues to drive us today."

FMC's two-sided approach to consumer financing offers a transparent and simplified solution to consumer financing companies as well as dealers.

To gain access to the FMC online interface, simply become a member as either a dealer or a lender. Membership is easy and affordable. FMC encourages anyone interested in a membership to visit Free demo logins and online presentations are available upon request.

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