From New York to North Platte: Infamous Gangster and "Goodfellas" Inspiration Henry Hill Dies at 69

Documentary "Shooting Henry Hill: The Real Goodfella" chronicles some of the time world famous Brooklyn mobster Henry Hill spent living in North Platte, Nebraska after being moved out of the city by the Witness Protection Program.

I has been reported that Henry Hill, the legendary New York mobster, died of natural causes on June 14, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Hill, whose mafia life in New York was made famous by Ray Liotta in Martin Scorsese's landmark film "Goodfellas" was 69 years old when he passed. In 1980, after the famous Lufthansa heist was thwarted by police, Hill testified against his fellow conspirers leading to 50 arrests and convictions. In exchange for his testimony, Hill and his family were entered into the the U.S. Marshall Witness Protection Program and was relocated to Seattle, WA.

In 1987, he was arrested on multiple drug charges and was expelled from the program. After his release from jail, he spent a number of years in North Platte, NE until another drug-related arrest in 2005.

During his time in North Platte, Hill worked at a low-key Italian restaurant. While at the restaurant, producers Ron and Heather Silver and director Luke Heppner caught up with Hill and were given the opportunity to document his new life. Their documentary "Shooting Henry Hill: The Real Goodfella" exposes a new side of mafioso. Once a mafia king pin, Hill was now living his life far from the glamour of the New York mob scene and struggling with addiction to crystal methamphetamine.

"Shooting Henry Hill: The Real Goodfella" is a winner of both the Best Social Documentary Award and the Grand Jury Award at the New York International Film and Video Festival.

The film is available for wholesale and academic purchase through Passion River Films.


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