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Before you send your book proposal to a publisher or agent, let me review it for you at NO COST!

Creating a book proposal is an exciting and often times a challenging journey, especially for new authors. Before you send your book proposal to a publisher or an agent, you can have it reviewed at NO COST by an author and ghostwriter of 34 books.

"The book proposal needs to be perfect," said John Riddle, author, ghostwriter and Founder of I Love To Write Day. "It never hurts to have a second set of professional eyes review your project before you submit it."

The book proposal should include a summary section, two sample chapters, an author bio and a detailed marketing plan. "Many new authors find it difficult to create the marketing plan section," said Riddle. "The marketing plan is a critical component that publishers and agents will review very carefully. If the marketing plan is weak, it may lead to a rejection letter instead of a contract offer."

I Love To Write Day was launched as a grassroots campaign by Delaware author and ghostwriter John Riddle to have people of all ages practice writing every Nov. 15. Last year over 30,000 schools all across the U.S. held special ILTWD events and activities. Bookstores, libraries, writing groups, community centers and even a few malls joined in the fun. The Governors of 9 states have officially recognized Nov. 15 as I Love To Write Day, and urge their residents to celebrate the day by writing. Learn more about I Love To Write Day at www.ilovetowriteday.org

Please contact johnriddle@sprintmail.com for information on how to submit your book proposal for a NO COST review.

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