Dr. Dhavid Cooper Reveals Top 10 Symptoms of Potential Eye Problems

It's National Eye Exam Month and the eyewear specialists at FramesDirect, www.framesdirect.com, announced their top ten symptoms for potential, eye problems at http://bit.ly/NatEyeExamMonth. Founded by optometrists Drs. Dhavid Cooper and Guy Hodgson, FramesDirect.com offers the largest selection of authentic, brand-name eyewear anywhere with quality lenses for both eyeglasses and sunglasses, competitive prices and excellent, customer service.

"Without proper treatment, anyone can develop glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, or macular degeneration of the eyes," states Dr. Cooper. "With National Eye Exam month here, it's a great time to learn the symptoms of potential, eye problems, how to have healthier eyes and tips for finding the right sunglasses and eyeglasses perfect for your facial structure."

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Here are Dr. Cooper's Top 10 Symptoms of Potential, Eye Problems

1. Repetitive eye rubbing

2. Frequent blinking

3. Short attention span

4. Avoiding reading

5. Headaches

6. Covering one eye

7. Tilting the head to one side

8. Difficulty remembering what is read

9. Underachieving in school

10. Underperforming in sports

"Many of these problems can be remedied with a simple visit to your local, eye doctor," states Cooper. "And if you need eyewear, you can check out our "10 Secrets to Buying Eyewear Online in order to get the best quality, price and styles available for your specific needs."

For more information from FramesDirect.com and "10 Secrets to Buying Eyewear Online," visit http://bit.ly/NatEyeExamMonth.

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