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Foldable Crates - An Indispensable Part Of Most Businesses

Crates are an indispensable part of most businesses. Business owners require different types of crates for storing different types of products.

Crates are an indispensable part of most businesses. Business owners require different types of crates for storing different types of products. However, the problem of space is always there as the crates occupy a substantial part of one's business premises, whether they are being currently used or not. Now all your crate requirements can be fulfilled at a single destination, the

As the name specifies, the is an online portal that offers various types of foldable crates. While there are different crates available at other websites, there are not many that offer the foldable variety. The foldable crates are the latest innovation from the company as these crates can be folded and stacked when not in use.

The company offers more than 120 varieties of folding crates with different designs and in different sizes. These varieties include the collapsible crates, the normal foldable containers, foldable crates, large foldable containers (LFCs) and several other types of crates. All these crates and containers are manufactured keeping in mind the world logistical standard. The crates provide advantages as easy storage and handling of products, easy transportation and easy installation. Being strong and firm, these crates and containers can be used by various industries such as fisheries, agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry and several others. assures high quality products as it utilizes the best raw materials for the purpose. Normally special HDPE material is used to manufacture the crates as this offers it high durability. The crates are made to be non-toxic, moisture and corrosion resistant, odorless, light weight, stackable, durable, beautifully colored and good on appearance.

While the company offers different varieties of foldable crates and containers, it also accepts orders for customized crates. The customers can specify their requirements, and the raw materials to be used. The company provides the finished products as promised. All products are tested for quality, durability, defects and molding defects. The tests that are used to check the quality of the crates include the foldable crate dimension control, stacking inspection, compressive property inspection and the drop test. Only when crates pass all the quality control tests, they are released for sale.

The company uses the highlight molding technology to make foldable crates. This technique also known as the Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) is an advanced technology that is used for plastic molding. The technique helps in removing the surface defects of foldable crates and improves the overall strength and surface quality of the foldable crates. Other advantages of the technique include its ability to remove the sliver and welding wire marks from the surface of the crates, improve the fluidity of plastics and enhance the outer appearance of the crates. is a one-stop solution for all the crate requirements. Ordering at the website is very convenient as you simply need to select the product, its quantity and make the payment. The crates are delivered within the time promised at the website.


SHG is the company behind The company manufactures high grade foldable crates for various industries. Being an experienced manufacturer of the crates, the company is always looking to better its manufacturing technique and facility to provide the best products to its customers.

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