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If Marco Polo was alive today, he must have surely jaw dropped witnessing the massive growth that tour and travel industry has achieved in the last century.

If Marco Polo was alive today, he must have surely jaw dropped witnessing the massive growth that tour and travel industry has achieved in the last century. Rail travel has become a second option for many who find the comfort and luxury air travel more convenient and reliable. Not to mention they save hours of travel and also enables passengers to reach out to the next continent or if needed even the other hemisphere without the pain of stretching sea or rail journeys.

The mushrooming growth of internet based travel portals and booking services has made travel planning as is easy it can be. From the comfort of home, with the click of a mouse button one can literally plan to fly away on their favorite vacation destination. There is no need to slouch in long crawling tickets queues or to make boarding arrangements well in advance as the internet has made things far easier and reliable.

Scheduling air journey with around the world tickets
In the recent days, air travel is one of the most widely used modes of transport for overseas journey. Gone are the days when ships and vessels were used to transport passengers. In today's world of aviation oriented travel, ships and vessels are largely used for transporting cargo or for exclusively for the purpose of cruising small and considerable distances in luxury. Even still, the cost of economic sea travel fares high above the most luxurious air travel facilities available. With round the world tickets, passengers can hop on from one international destination to another with much ease. There is no need to make separate and multiple flight bookings as the entire journey is arranged for in a single ticket provided by the same airline.

Benefits of round the world ticket bookings

With round the world tickets passengers are relieved from the hassle of making alternate air travel arrangements for each individual air destination. Quite often most airlines extend their services covering most visited global destinations. With a single ticket they allow passengers to board and alight at various air destinations covered under the route. This is beneficial for both the parties as airlines have assured occupancy whereas passengers are saved from the worry of securing a confirmed booking. Further, passengers are also able to purchase tickets at discounted rates which otherwise booked individually will prove to be very expensive and can take away a good portion f the budget set aside for the vacation.

Getting the best deals on round the world tickets

Air tickets booking can be made directly from the web portals of airlines or through third party travel agents. The former is more reliable and convenient as there is assured service from the airline. However, in certain cases the rates offered by third party travel agents can be far cheaper and inexpensive as they might have direct rate agreements with various airlines.

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