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OnGuardHelp, developed with an objective to facilitate reaching immediate help or rescue assistance when there is an emergency. Integrated with personal safety features, users are finding this app to be efficient & effective to serve that purpose

Within the first week of launch, OnGuardHelp app got many positive reviews and personal responses from its users. Some users shared their personal experiences and we wanted to share this 'moment of truth' with others who might be on similar roads as the users were.

Mary, a young girl from California said -
"I am a college student and I do a part time job to meet my expenses and because of it, I used to come late at night but fear always resides in my mind that if anything happens to me, what would I do. I told my problem to my friend and she sent me the link of this app. I downloaded it from the Google Play and saved my Dad's contact number in it. My fear was correct, three days ago, while I was coming back home, a car grazed me and caused an accident. There was no one nearby to help and my car was totaled. Anyhow, I managed to get my phone and just tapped the emergency text button, which gives my location and within a few minutes, my Dad drove up and picks takes me home."

A woman named Mrs. Wellington from Florida shared -
"My grandmother is very old and she came to live with us. My husband and I have to go out for work leaving her alone at home. I used to call her often to check on her. Whenever, she was unable to pick my call, I would have to go home to check on her. This becomes a big problem for me. One day, I found out about this app on social media. I installed it on my grandmother's phone and put the numbers of my husband and my phone in her emergency contact buttons. I told her about the functions and the way to use it. Now we feel so much more at ease when we have to go to work, knowing she can get either of us with just a tap on the app."

These kinds of responses made OnGuardHelp a favorite app for many. From children to the elderly, everyone is sharing their reviews and their results.

About Us
OnGuardHelp app is the venture of GuardianHelp that provides emergency call services to first responders and GPS tracking of the user. The app is available on the Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. The app is compatible to run on iPhone 4, 4s, 5 along with iPad 2, 3 and different android versions.
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