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The Aspen Ridge Sports has actually just recently launched Their New Item, The Vertical Foregrip The product increases your self-confidence and raise the stability of your grip on your featuring rifle each business representative Mark Beaudoin. Mark

The Aspen Ridge Sports has recently released Their New Product, The Vertical Tactical ( The product raises your confidence and increase the stability of your grip on your sporting rifle per company spokesman Mark Beaudoin. Mark say the advantage of the product is, you are able to maintain a steadier grip holding the rifle and a more natural position of your wrist on the Foregrip holding your rifle. The Foregrip reduces fatigue on the wrist and even helps shooters with less strength to increase their grip strength on their rifles and hold the rifle tighter into their shoulder.

The Foregrip even has a storage compartment with a spring to hold batteries or other items you may need, the spring secures the items in the Foregrip to eliminate noise while handling your rifle. The Foregrip is also foldable to five different position according to Mark, allowing the Foregrip to fold out of the way when placing your rifle in a case or a safe. Most Foregrips are rigid and don't fit in most gun cases or get in the way in Sportsman safes

The Foregrip has removable panels for light or laser pressure switches to either mount on the panel or replace with the a light or laser's manufacturers pressure switch panel.

Aspen Ridge Sports is launching this new product to the market in the May 22th 2013. The Foregrip will be available at Amazon in the Sporting Goods department by looking for the Vertical Tactical Foregrip.

The Foregrip is launching with a introductory prices for one month of a 30% savings to give consumers an opportunity to try a Vertical Tactical Foregrip for themselves, the Foregrip carries an 90 day guarantee against breakage, more then most Foregrips offer in the market. To learn more go to Http://

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