Finally A File Manager for iPad Which Could Be Your All in One Solution for Documents

First Feature that strikes About app is the interface it have. App's interface has been kept quite similar to interface of old finder from Mac which is a good thing actually as several times it happen we install a new app and due to complex UI...

Folks, File Management on ipad had been such a topic which had been benefitted most of the app maker companies specially non- apple organizations. There are a lot's of app which claim to be as easy as possible but the truth is that only few of them are useful rest are just prompting you to download their app and want to see their increase revenue while some of the apps are really useful for iPad users who want to use iPad for their every file management tasks. Files-Finder Edition is such an app for iPad which could solve all your messy file related tasks. Right now in the iTunes market there is not a single app which is providing you so much features in a single app and all that in a great price @ 5.99$.

As We all Know that all the iOs Powered devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod-Touch does have a security protocol on underlying file structure which has been imposed by iOs itself. Right now there are several apps in the market which are allowing you to edit your files, some apps are for reading Pdf's. Some o f them are allowing sync functionality of files on cloud storage. Also none out of them allows you to access files related to other applications or system files as in iOs An App can have access only to it's underlying files only. It can not have access to files stored in other apps. Though we can not blame the apps for it as it should be a mistake from apple's front. Files-Finder Edition also does not allows you to access files/media/documents stored into other apps but it has a wide variety of features which are enough for one who wish a complete, all-in-one file management/document management solutions in one app.

First Feature that strikes is the interface files-finder edition have. App's interface has been kept quite similar to interface of old finder from Mac which is a good thing actually as several times it happen we install a new app and due to interface or UX problems we found it really hard to operate the app. Features like touch screen optimization with gesture control are giving it a boost in it's rich interface.

Second thing which comes in favor of this app is that it provides support to a wide array of file formats including Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip, and many more. Also, you can sync your ipad files on cloud networks like Google Drive, DropBox, and Sugar Sync.

You can Edit Your Excel and other documents using Google Drive right into App interface. You can create custom short-cuts for your frequently used files, you can tag your document with different tags. You can sort your files/documents based on multiple sorting parameters and this really makes the files management more easy and effective from a user's point.

Additionally, there is a in-built browser given in the app with pre-loaded bookmarks and search integration support to Wikipedia, Google and Twitter. With it Now You can surf the internet within App quite easily and can download files/documents through download manager. You can lock your important and confidential files and documents. You can create voice note within the app. You can share your files and documents via password protected WiFi Mode. You can categorize items as you do in Microsoft Outlook. Copy/Cut/Paste commands can be gesture controlled. You can create zip files within the app and can extract zip folders also. You can share your files on emails and social media sites like Facebook and twitter. Desktop like status bar and connectivity with Air Print is also provided. What more one could expect from a single File Manager App for iPad.

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