Feminized Seeds Company Enjoys Sudden Huge Success at Rhino Seeds

Rhino Seeds have teamed up with the Feminized Seeds Company to bring you their extensive selection of unique and classic cannabis seed strains.

Rhino Seeds are proud to announce to you that one of the latest additions to their seed bank repertoire has been a storming success. Feminized Seeds Company has all the credentials of a truly world beating breeder including some incredible feminized seeds strains, but no one was quite prepared for the phenomenal demand which greeted its addition to Rhino Seeds. With sales through the roof over the last month there has even been a concern that they would not be able to keep up with the mountains of orders. You just can't get enough! It certainly looks as if Rhino Seeds and the Feminized Seeds Company is a match made in heaven.
Part of the reason why Feminized Seed Company has been so popular is down to the sensational strains they offer:
Big Bang 2
Feminized Seeds Company have taken the original Big Bang, worked their magic on it and produced a bigger and better cannabis seed. Big Bang 2 can produce 20% more than its predecessor, it can flower in 8 ½ weeks, produce outrageously large buds and now has a THC content of 20.2%. Yes Wow!
Super Iced Grapefruit
Super Iced Grapefruit was designed to be impressive on all levels. It has big stats including a potential 22% THC content, mega yield and very short flowering period, and even has the legendary Iced Grapefruit as its ancestor. This strain is destined for greatness, which is why you should grab yours while you still can.
Another reason why they have suddenly been so popular is down to their partnership with your beloved Rhino Seeds. Rhino Seeds has been a name synonymous with trust, reliability and great value in the cannabis seeds community for years. So when great seeds like this come under their banner you know that they must be good...very good.
Rhino Seeds has Feminized Seed Company's full range available from their website where you can quickly and easily purchase them at unbeatable prices. There is a 100% guarantee provided for each and every seed and their packaging is super discreet. Rhino Seeds have always been at the forefront of online cannabis seeds supplying the best new strains and classics such as amnesia haze and the best lowryder seeds.
Quick! Visit the Feminized Seeds Company page at Rhino Seeds now to see if there are any of their incredible seeds left. Rhino Seeds have established themselves as the foremost cannabis seed supplier on the web today meaning that if you can't find seeds you want there, you don't want them.


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