Fastest Completed Residential Project in West Palm Beach

Universal Engineering have successfully completed the project "Randy Residence", within very less time.

Universal Engineering has set up a record by constructing the fastest residential project in West Palm Beach. "Randy Residence" constructed in 12000 sq ft area is one of the biggest residential structure in the area. The project is a milestone for Universal Engineering as it was expected to be completed in 18 months but later it took only 14 months to complete. The time period included the inspection and alteration time as well.

The project was on a such large scale that every member of the team was working with dedication and were anxiously waiting for the outcome. Though the project was completed before the deadline still it had some complications in the starting. As, the location was on a beach side area, the soil was very loose. It was difficult to construct in this condition. Later it was decided that in only 12000 sq ft of the area construction would be done. Rest of the portion was converted into jungle garden. In the design it was decided to keep the outer look like a big mansion. The roof was was kept in a hut style. This gave the structure a royal look.

The design was so wonderfully constructed that it was appreciated by everybody who watched it for the first time. Apart from issues like loose soil, and some minor alterations at the end, overall project was successfully constructed and was completed before time. The images of the structure proves that how big the project was and how beautifully it has been constructed.

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