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Fashion Lanes Launches New Luxury Fragrances

Today Fashion Lanes Perfumes announced the release of two new luxury fragrances, Lorelei and L'Ombre in the business's Fashion Lanes.

Today Fashion Lanes Perfumes announced the release of two new luxury fragrances, Lorelei and L'Ombre in the business's Fashion Lanes.

Lorelei, a pure, moist, femme bouquet of early spiral blossoms of mauve, wisteria, purple, jonquil, daffodil, and lily, is named for the womanly water life of legend and myth that has been famous by Sylvia Plath, Mendelssohn, Gershwin, and Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

"The pre-launch response we have received corresponds that Lorelei is quite rare in the sense that it isn't aldehydes like many other 'aquatic' perfumes - and yet it's almost intangible in its sheerness, while still providing a distinctive character that is cheerful and not overbearingly floral," according to perfumer Gurinder Singh.

L'Hombre is a male amber perfume. The opening is a bouquet of fine aged malt halt, interests, and golden citrus that enters a heart of dark brown and sacred anger. The perfume finishes with a base of black oud, coffee, mineral amber, Haitian votive, tree moss, old fragrance, and perfume.

"Rendering to our pre-lauch feedback, L'Ombre is perhaps one of the best masculine we have made," says Singh. "It is boozy (but not too much), sweet, spicy, mysterious, short, all the whole thing an earthy man should be. My objects were to create great permanence, sillage, and drydown, and to avoid an haughty supremacy of oud which can occasionally be a turn-off for workers. "

Both Lorelei and L'Ombre are included in the Fashion Lanes Collection and are available for purchase via the Fashion Lanes main website.

About the Perfumer
Perfumer Gurinder Singh, founder and owner of Fashion Lanes Perfumes, has established many devoted followers, making her global gratitude from fellow perfumers and people of note in the worlds of fine fragrance and art. With a carefully curated collection of scents to select from, her three groups: The Odyssey Series, which includes the unusual Medea, the only perfume to honor the Biblical Queen of Sheba's true name, the evocative Carmel-by-the-Sea Group which contains award winning Poete de Carmel, and the all-natural Rubicon Collection which contains the award-winning Go Ask Alice.

About Fashion Lanes Perfumes
Fashion Lanes Perfumes is the home of hand mixed perfumes using a wide array of fine, hard to find, bio-friendly aromatics that are vended worldwide. Each Fashion Lanes perfume is unique, friendly and sensuous, and is serene for men and women with individual style.
To learn more, visit or call 213-745-2004

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