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According to a recently conducted fashion survey, YouStyle has emerged as one of the most popular online communities for the fashion enthusiasts.

With a thriving community of members discussing all fashion topics under the sun, it has become a wonderful platform connecting people from around the world. Not surprisingly, therefore, the number of new members continues to grow rapidly.

What connects community members is essentially their passion for all things fashion. Using the platform, they share their opinions and browse for inspiration. From bloggers to fashion lovers, community members come from diverse backgrounds.

Real Women Fashion Trends

Being a fully crowd-sourced and interactive platform, it provides users the freedom to choose looks they like the most. As a result, latest fashion trends get reflected on the site. In other words, members decide what's hot and what's not.

For designers looking for inspiration to create cutting edge women's fashion, it is a great medium to understand what people are looking for. As for fashion bloggers, it gives them an opportunity to drive traffic to their sites and promote it.

Points for Participation

To encourage more members to become active on the platform, the site rewards them with style points. Members can earn these points by posting looks, voting for other looks, receiving votes, posting comments, being favorited and favoriting another member. So the more active members are, the more points they get to earn.

Members are encouraged to post high quality pictures that get more views and are marked favorited more. By connecting fashion conscious people, YouStyle has therefore become a well-known name today.

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