Fail-Culture Website Takes On Boy's Cancer Battle With Masks And Monsters

When a five-year-old boy with leukemia turns to selling his art on the internet to pay for medical treatment, a controversial popular website comes to the rescue with horrifying masks and the power of snark.

Regretsy, the popular satirical website known for its celebration of the "fail culture," has joined a little boy's battle against leukemia. And they're doing it with masks and monsters. After commissioning knitters from its thriving online community, Regretsy is currently auctioning off uniquely horrifying masks through eBay in an effort to offset one family's medical costs.

Five year-old Aidan Reed was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in September, 2010. Facing two to three more years of chemotherapy treatment, his family set up an online shop through handmade craft portal Etsy, selling his art to raise money for his medical bills.

When Regretsy founder April Winchell heard of Aidan's plight, she immediately went to work harnessing the healing power of snark. Turning to the knitting community for support, she was able to amass an unusual collection of disturbing handmade balaclavas (or ski masks) that are now being auctioned on Ebay to benefit Aidan. The bids reached well over $1,000 within a few hours, and will close on October 26, 2010.

Regretsy also helped Aidan's family set up their own Aid For Aidan web site, coordinated a cash donation program on Paypal and opened a special Zazzle store, where Aidan's art can be purchased on everything from mugs to notecards.

Under the pseudonym Helen Killer, April Winchell launched Regretsy in October 2009 and within a week was drawing 2 million visitors a day, quickly establishing itself as an influential and groundbreaking internet phenomenon. With wit, outrageousness, and seemingly no sense of shame, April Winchell has endeared herself to legions of fans and artists alike by calling attention to chicken ponchos, wearable hummingbird feeders, and "artistic" reproductive organs. Profits generated by are donated to charitable works. To date, over $15,000.00 has been raised for all charitable projects.

For additional information, please visit Regretsy, Aid For Aiden's website, or call to arrange an interview.


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