Fahad Manpower Typifies Premier Local and Global Manpower Agencies Services in Indonesia

PT. FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA, an Indonesian private company as supplier and manpower recruitment agency, partners with industries in and out of the country to provide a dedicated and committed workforce.

Every business cannot possibly operate on a daily basis without the right people demonstrating commitment to their jobs. It is also a fact that the success of a business is mainly attributed to the kind of staff, crew or workforce that it keeps. In this regard, manpower agencies play a critical role in selecting the right people for the job, apart from being a cost-saving option.

PT. FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA is a top-tier manpower agency based in Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia. A pioneer in the country's manpower agencies profiles, FAHAD Manpower has been serving industries nationwide since 1992. It also operates on a global scale to promote the competence of Indonesia's 225 million people who are known for their hospitality and diligence when it comes to work.

The FahadManpower company profile, detailed at, emphasizes the agency's ability to attract, hire and retain the right people for any needed position. As professional supplier and manpower recruitment agency, Fahad Manpower is backed by well-trained, educated and highly dedicated team of workforce selection and placement experts who focus on finding the very best and most suitable qualified people for clients. maintains a network of experienced recruiters, with a vast candidate database from different industries, which may be searched with confidentiality, as the client may require. The leading manpower agency in Indonesia shortlists highly qualified candidates, and assists employers during the selection, interview, negotiation and hiring processes, so that they do not lose valuable time for screening unsuitable resumes and interviewing inappropriate candidates.

Notably, will require no administration fee if the candidate is ultimately not hired. In the event of termination or resignation of employee, replacement will be provided free of charge or refunded, subject to terms and conditions.

To learn more about the top-rated manpower services of PT. FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA, please visit for information.

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