FabulaTech Device Redirector: Acccess Any Local Devices in RDP Session as If They Were Plugged into the Remote Server

We're reinventing our device redirection solutions to make your work in Remote Desktop seamless, intuitive, and more connected than ever. Device Redirector is a software that allows you to redirect every local device into the remote Desktop Session.

For those who work in remote desktop environments, using peripherals plugged into a local machine can be quite problematic. Normally you would have to find workarounds like plugging the device into the remote machine directly or having to switch between remote and local session in order to use the device.

We are reinventing our device redirection solutions to make your experience within a remote desktop seamless, intuitive, and more connected than ever. Device Redirector is a software solution that allows you to redirect almost any device into the remote Desktop Session. Just install Device Redirector and you'll be able to access peripherals that are attached locally while working in the remote server via RDP. Distance doesn't matter now!

Let's take a closer look at the benefits you will gain with Device Redirector.


Scanner redirection provides a convenient way to scan documents and images within your remote desktop session using the scanner at your local remote desktop client. This module allows redirecting scanners over Microsoft RDP and Citric ICA protocols to your individual remote session without any headache. It works perfectly with all brands of scanners working via both TWAIN and WIA standards.

Video Devices

You can easily redirect local webcams through Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA. Webcam for Remote Desktop creates a virtual webcam at the remote machine which receives the video stream from the local webcam over the network. Any application running on the server will recognize the virtual webcam as if it were a hardware one.


Device Redirector enables Voice over IP, internet calls and audio conferencing while working in remote desktop environment. Sound over RDP allows you to transfer audio stream from local microphone to the remote RDP session, with low latency and high sampling rate, with no cut-offs or choppy sound.


This module gives you the ability to use your local printer in a remote RDP or ICA session. Printer for Remote Desktop creates a virtual printer on the remote server which is recognized by printing applications as a hardware one. There is no need to worry about the drivers on the remote side as the solution already has everything it needs to work flawlessly.

Any USB Devices

What about other devices? USB for Remote Desktop redirects any USB devices to remote desktop environments over RDP or ICA protocols. It's designed to work not just with particular types of USB devices, but is compatible with most of them. It is a universal solution for USB device redirection.

Device Redirector Licensing and Prices

FabulaTech helps you to save costs thanks to flexible licensing options. You can choose either a single-user or multi-user license and get a volume discount. And Device Redirector is free-to-try software. You can get the trial copy at our website:


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