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Ace3 Provides brand new offers for the rummy players to enjoy the game play with lots of passions.

Rummy game at ACE3 is a traditional game of playing and its rules are simple and easy. This is similar to any other rummy game where in a minimum of two players and maximum of 4 to 6 players. Earlier rummy games were played with 10 cards and now it has been changed and now a day's Rummy games are played with 13 cards.

The winning strategy of playing this game is to get rid of all the cards in hand before your opponents gets rids of his/her cards .It's simple and easy. Form sets and run to eliminate the cards in your hand. A set is combination of similar kind of cards of different suit where as a Run is collection of consecutive cards of different suit.

With this simple logic of playing rummy game one can win many exciting bonus and cash prize by logging into worldwide rummy game. It has many exciting bonus offers. In simple you can win many cash bonus offers from the time you register till the time you feel you are contempt with cash bonus winnings.
Bonus offers that makes you more interested with playing,

New Register- $5 cash bonus:-

You earn cash from everywhere only by playing or that you cannot easily earn money without any struggle. To make you're earning simple and interesting ACE3's first bonus offer says that whenever a user registers for the first time (new user) he/she will get a cash bonus of $5 in the event of his new register.

Daily Login - $1 Cash bonus:-

Once you receive the new register cash bonus, the next exciting offers are follows. Now with the registered account login daily and get cash bonus of $1.It stands special in this way giving out cash bonus in all stages from the time of registering till the time of signing out.

Refer a Friend - $25 Cash bonus:-

Now you have registered so login daily and get the cash bonus. It's time to spread your joy to your friends and make them also feel the pleasure of winning cash bonus. Indian Rummy is an exciting and fun filled gaming portal and there comes even more fun and enthusiasm when your friends also join this game. Refer your friend and the referrer will be credited with $25 cash bonus and also 2000 promo chips.

First deposit - 100% cash bonus:-

It is an interesting thing to get to know that the amount you deposit gets doubled once after your deposit, have another stupendous cash bonus offer are that your money gets doubled on your first deposit. This cash bonus offer is possible with a minimum deposit of $15. Register, login and deposit and win cash bonus offer at each steps and make your playtime even more interesting and exciting.

Only Rummy Game can achieve this by providing endless satisfaction to the users. Now what we are waiting for, Login to and enjoy winning cash bonus offers.

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