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ENERZEE To Save 20pct Energy Usage In Sri Lanka

Zee Lanka, the energy optimization company, together with Malaysian-based Ihandal recently launched and unveiled a new and proven technology branded 'ENERZEE' to Sri Lanka at a time when the country experiences challenges in electricity energy.

CEO of Zee Lanka Lionel Fernando said ''ENERZEE is going to assist businesses specifically those that have central air-conditioning and water boilers such as those operating in the apparel, healthcare and hospitality sector generating very high consumption leading to massive electricity bills.''

''We are confident that ENERZEE would help save energy bills and also contribute to a growing national concern.''

With the per capita energy consumption in Sri Lanka around 600 Kilowatt hours per year and the current energy need being around 10,000 Gigawatt hours, estimates from the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) exhibited that it would cost Rs. 268 bn for producing electricity this year.

The CEB having made decisions to increase the electricity tariff with effect from next month, people of this nation will have to bear this extra cost. Businesses can help save this burden by reducing their energy consumption which in return will reduce the cost of producing electricity in the country and the demand for it.

Zee Lanka Marketing Director Priyanka Nanayakkara said ''We have entered the market at its right time as crude oil is rising in cost causing massive increases in energy production and hikes in bills leaving businesses in Sri Lanka to reduce their electricity usage by exploiting its optimization levels to its best possibility.''

Zee Lanka, after engaging in discussions with the Ministry of Health, also highlighted that the total expenditure on electricity consumption of all medical institutions for last year was Rs. 2165 million, an increase of Rs. 71 million compared to that of 2011.

Shedding some light to prove just one of their success cases on a similar industry, Gleneagles Hospital based in Kuala Lumpur reduced and made annual savings on their energy bills by up to 72.3% with the solutions offered by Ihandal Energy Solutions.

''It gives us great pleasure to partner Ihandal Energy Solutions on this initiative. With their extensive multinational experience handling a multitude of clients and projects in various industries combined with ours, we're all geared and set to deliver what ENERZEE promises,'' stated Zee Lanka Technical Director Herman Perera.

Zee Lanka also conveyed a special thank you to Momaco for their marketing consultancy and for the brand name 'ENERZEE'.

''We are honored to be working with Zee Lanka in assisting them to communicate with as many businesses in Sri Lanka to make them aware of this opportunity to optimize their energy usage and reduce waste,'' said Momaco Director Anik Jayasekara.

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