ENAiKOON World Premiere: The Tracking Module For Your CEE-Mounted Plug

Tailored, fully integrated telematics tracking and monitoring solution for the construction industry.

Final Nominee - Vodafone Application Award Each year, Vodafone rewards the most ground-breaking innovations in the telecommunication industry through the Vodafone Application Award. Shortly after its release, the telematics solution ENAiKOON locate-60, described below, was nominated for the Vodafone Application Award 2010. Visit the ENAiKOON locate-60 website http://www.cee-plug-with-gps.com/ for more information about the award and how you can support ENAiKOON.

ENAiKOON locate-60
ENAiKOON strengthened its telematics product portfolio by introducing the newly developed tracking module ENAiKOON locate-60. The ENAiKOON locate-60 serves as both an anti-theft and monitring device for usage and operating hours.Delivered ready-to-use, the compact ENAiKOON locate-60 allows for quick, easy and concealed mounting into any CEE-attached plug on electrically powered machinery, vehicles and appliances. Installation is quick and painless, taking only a few minutes.

The installation of conventional telematics units has often been proved to be expensive and difficult due to the lack of room for installation of additional devices in today's optimized equipment.
The ENAiKOON locate-60 allows for accurate reading of GPS data from almost any device with an Internet connection. Gain real-time, invaluable information about your monitored machinery and vehicles by accessing the web portal ENAiKOON fleet-control-web.
ENAiKOON locate-60 has a rechargeable battery that is connected to the vehicle or machinery engine, making it usable at any time.
The ENAiKOON locate-60 is Patent Pending.


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