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Employ Your Brain Right Away - Math Claw Machine Game on the App Store

Math Claw Machine, a math game for kids and teens produced and published by Peaksel LLC is now available for free download on the App Store for iPhones, iPads and iPods

Math Claw Machine is an eye-candy mathematics game that is after Android market now also available on the App Store for free download. The game is suitable for kids age 6 and above. Its main purpose is to help kids and teens acquire basic math knowledge and overcome any possible difficulties they may have with math.

The number 4 has marked the entire game. There are 4 levels of difficulty - easy, normal, hard and genius, respectively. There are 4 amazing and delicious candy worlds - Candy land, Choco land, Cookie land and Jelly land in which all of the math operations are set. All of the worlds offer 8 different and interesting levels, full of spellbinding traps and captivating graphics and sound effects. The gameplay is pretty simple - the player moves the claw towards the candy by giving correct answers to the math equations. With every correct answer the player is one step closer to reaching the yummy candy. Whenever the player gives a wrong answer, he or she must try harder in order to get the delicious cake and pass the level.

"Math Claw Machine is one of a kind game on the market. Yes, it's a math game, but with a completely unique gameplay. We've invested so much of our time and energy into this game, in all of its art illustrations and sounds, and we don't regret a single second spent on it, because we believe kids deserve only the best when it comes to their knowledge and education", said Milica, PR of the company.

Check out this educational game for kids on the App Store:

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