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My Clean List offers the most cost-effective email hygiene, cleaning and validation service in the market to provide online marketers reduced email bounce rates.

Email marketing has become a highly popular strategy to ensure online marketing success. With its wide audience reach, this technique is in fact the most effective, although old-fashioned, way of turning prospects into customers and making effective sales conversion happen.

The email bounce rate, however, remains a critical factor in ensuring the success - or failure -- in email marketing. Essentially, high bounce rates have a damaging impact on the reputation of a sender. As such, Internet marketers going for less bounce rates need a reputable email list cleaning service. is in the business of cleaning up an email list. The team of experts follows a step-by-step method for email list clean up to reduce, if not eliminate, email bounce rates. carries out a variety of processes for effective email list hygiene service. Using world-class technology, clients can still count on more than 95% accuracy in results with strict data security measures in place.

The specific processes include Duplicate Removal, Email Syntax Check, Bad Domain Check, MTA Check, Spam-Trap Removal, Complainer Removal, High-Risk Keyword Removal, High-Risk Domain Removal, Disposable Email Removal, Custom Cleanup, Bounce Removal Process, and Multiple Fields Support.

With over 7 years of experience in Email List Cleaning, serves more than 10,000 customers. Happy client Mark Flournoy talks about how effective the service has been: "Cleaning up the list gave me superb improvement in my results, most of the bounces processed and removed almost 100% bounces."

As the best and cheapest email validation service provider in the market, offers an iron-clad price guarantee: the company will match any cheaper product out there. Moreover, clients can expect direct assistance from the throughout the process with the company's 24-hour support.

To find out more about the complete email marketing and list cleaning solution at the cheapest rate, please visit for information.

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