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Electronic Cigarette Lounge To Open In New York

Upcoming New York Electronic Cigarette Lounge Builds upon the Totally Wicked-Eliquid Lounge Concept.

Smoking lounges were long considered to be the epitome of sophistication. The elegant and intelligent discerning folk would meet up in smoking lounges around the world to share their opinions, views and news over a cigarette, pipe or cigar. However, smoking bans that came into effect around the world curtailed such establishments. Now a New York Electronic Cigarette lounge, influenced by the world's first Totally Wicked-Eliquid lounges in Florida, looks set to take another stride on the path to the return of the classic smoking environments in metropolitan cities.

Smoque is due to open in the New York district of East Lake View in the coming months. The owner Jared Yucht envisions this lounge to be to be a place where customers can enjoy Electronic Cigarettes with a coffee in a relaxing environment. Known as a vapour lounge; Smoque is due to be unlike anything else available in the city.

A wide range of flavours will be available for the customers to enjoy depending upon their taste and their palate. Both nicotine and non-nicotine infused flavours will be available in the vapour lounge although the owner is quick to distance his establishment and the Electronic Cigarette industry from traditional cigarettes. Yucht explained:

"I hate the word cigarette, because that's the last thing I want to be associated with because they're stinky, ashy and just generally awful. We're trying to make an environment that will be very comfortable for people to come in and try something new. It's not just for quitting smoking but also for enjoyment. It ends up being a lot of fun and you get into it."

The vapour lounge will include four or five serving areas and will serve up to 30 different E Liquid flavours. An E Liquid is the product within the E Cigarette that becomes the vapour that is inhaled when heated. Different flavours and strengths are available to appeal to a wider range of people.

Smoque will follow in the footsteps of the Totally Wicked vaping lounge that opened in Bradenton Florida in 2010. The Totally Wicked lounge was devised to provide a fun and relaxed environment for people to enjoy their Electronic Cigarettes socially and also design the exemplar for a new electronic cigarette store that has now catalysed the concept beyond Florida.

Yucht enthuses that the store which is due to open in March will be even better than the traditional cigarette lounge:

"I smoked for 20-plus years, and it's gross," Yucht said. "Everyone who smokes wants to quit smoking. ... With this, there's absolutely zero second-hand smoke. It's kind of weird when you do it for the first time, but the next thing you know, you're totally comfortable."

It is legal to use Electronic Cigarettes inside public place because they do not burn tobacco and do not generate the toxic gases of combustion that is the fundamental prohibition of international smoking legislation.

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