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Eldon Helps Van Den Heuvel Technology Deliver Exceptionally Clean Environments to European Customers

Van den Heuvel partners with Eldon to supply bespoke stainless steel enclosures which help deliver a perfectly clean and hygienic environment. The Dutch company contributes environmentally friendly, economical and endurable sterilizing solutions to

Eldon was selected as a partner because the company was able to meet Van den Heuvel's demands of creating perfect hygienic environments. Van den Heuvel said that Eldon's solid reputation for the design flexibility, strength and corrosion resistance of its stainless steel enclosures was one of the reasons they chose Eldon as partner.

The Dutch company has been a leader in developing innovative solutions, for over thirty years. The company's solutions dramatically reduce the need for heavy chemicals (e.g. Chlorine) to ensure clean water, in a large number of industries. Van den Heuvel Water Technology BV is using salt electrolysis in order to disinfect water for use in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications and only a small number of companies can compare with the company's know-how and expertise.

Olaf Schilte, Account Manager at Eldon Holland, stated that Eldon provided Van den Heuvel with an EKDS stainless-steel floor standing enclosure because it has proved to be an ideal solution for environments like food, chemical, outdoor and marine environments and the AFS wall mounting enclosures built to overcome the extremely strict hygiene requirements.

An example of Van den Heuvel's innovative approach to water disinfection is the Prominent DULCO ® Lyse installation, an ECA water installation that generates pure, hygienic water for use in the horticulture, food, beverage and brewery industries. The sterilized water is used for cleaning spray and drip water on production and packaging lines, cutting tables and other areas that get in close contact with a product.

Designed for use in hygienic environments, Eldon's adapted enclosures meet the challenge of the sensitive environments where Van den Heuvel's Prominent DULCO ® Lyse ECA water installations are commonly used. Made of stainless steel with a flawless surface, Eldon's EKDS and AFS enclosures have no breaches that can trap contaminates.

Van den Heuvel's managing director, Erik Brink, notes that Eldon is highly regarded for its strong commitment to provide ideal enclosure solutions for the food and beverage industries, biotechnical laboratories and pharmaceutical plants.

He also stated that the collaboration with Eldon helped Van den Heuvel spark new innovative solutions. "(…) Apart from offering enclosure solutions perfectly customized to meet our needs, Eldon's vast experience and flexibility have made them a partner who is easy to work with" said Mr. Brink.
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