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Leading cloud computing service provider Egocentrix focuses on online hosted solutions all over the globe.

Leading cloud computing service provider Egocentrix focuses on online hosted solutions all over the globe. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Egocentrix offers Hosted Online products such as Hosted Exchange , Hosted Sharepoint 2010, Online Backup , Virtual Private Server and business web hosting.

Egocentrix 's promises to provide businesses functionality in the context of their email, storage, collaboration, data synchronization, real time communications and at the same time fulfilling their security and reliability expectations. The business plan for Hosted Exchange is starting from $9.95/month with unlimited Exchange 2010 mailbox storage and free 1 GB Hosted Sharepoint.

Egocentrix is proud owner of biggest datacenter in North America (in Los Angele, New York, Montreal and Canada) and other locations like London(Europe) and New Delhi (India). President and CEO Mr. JF Maurice explained that having multiple datacenters would allow them to serve the customers with best quality IT management solutions. Egocentrix SaaS products are designed to provide scalable hosting environment, customization and world class IT infrastructure and support.

About Egocentrix: Egocentrix is world's leading Cloud Computing service provider and provides Hosted Solutions all over the globe. The portfolio includes hosted exchange - Microsoft Exchange 2010, Sharepoint 2010, Virtual Private Server, Blackberry Hosting, Online Backup, AntiSpam and Web Hosting.

Egocentrix is a leader in the Hosted Online Product and IT world. It specialized in SaaS services like Hosted Exchange, VPS Hosting services and many more and also maintaining latest versions of software's. It is one of leading provider for Hosted Online products with excellent service and certifications. It provides best service to customers at highest level of satisfaction. For more details, please visit us in online at

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