ED-MAN Releases EPEE V2.14 An Innovative File Management Tool

Plains, Pennsylvania - July 20, 2010 EPEE Software eliminates the need to ride the Windows start menu rollercoaster. EPEE gets your files for you.

ED-MAN LLC is a software development company specializing in digital file management. Anthony Vestyck is CEO and designer of "EPEE Software for Teachers" a new teaching tool designed to increase classroom efficiency.
"It is not always about adding more to classrooms; it is about maximizing the use and effectiveness of what we have. Saving two minutes of teacher time per class in a district of one thousand teachers can be $720,000.00 per year. Now administrations can choose if that will be a gain or a loss."

Departments of Education nationwide have been building frameworks and systems aligned to standards (SAS) which place vast amounts of information online. Many similar initiatives are required to secure Federal funding. Funding is not always at the classroom level.
"These systems while important to the big picture are excellent for documentation and information but are limited in functionality for classroom usage. EPEE is the missing link."
EPEE provides instant access and superior organization of digital files for easy use in the classroom.

Teachers integrating best practices into their classrooms use multiple resources in the delivery of their lesson content. These resources are in numerous locations such as local PC directories, school servers, external drives, CDs and websites. EPEE allows a teacher to retrieve all files related to a specific lesson with one click regardless of the files actual locations. No more riding the rollercoaster and wearing out your mouse.

An entire curriculum with all related resources fits on one screen called the EPEE Matrix. The matrix is built by the wizard to teacher preferences and files or links are added and arranged by simple drag and drop. The EPEE Curriculum Matrix can be saved and exported to any EPEE user. Other features include lesson search, rollover notes, calendar, class progress, curriculum evaluation against imported standards and standards.

About US: Teachers, developers and taxpayers looking to maximize the utility of the current education systems, increase the efficiency of classrooms and promote the use of inexpensive technology that ultimately provides a much larger return.


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