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ECommerce Merchants Store Sensitive Tokenized Credit Card Data, Useless to Hackers

PaymentVault popular with eCommerce Merchants,provides a safe and secure off-site storage service for tokenized credit card account numbers is .

Auric Systems International' PaymentVault, a PCI compliant token storage service. PaymentVault provides a safe and secure off-site storage service for tokenized credit card account numbers is popular with eCommerce Merchants.Separate bulk storage of credit card information from the card holder's personally identifiable information not only complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, but also renders the sensitive data useless to hackers. The data and the encryption/decryption keys are widely separated.

eCommerce merchants site: security, compliance with PCI, and PaymentVault features like audit trails, data retrieval requiring Unique Tracking ID's, server registered IPs and bulk retrieval restrictions as reasons for PaymentVault adoption

"The primary benefit of the PaymentVault is the physical and logical separation of the bulk-storage of cardholder accounts and the encryption/decryption key to access them. The company never has on-site bulk storage and Auric Systems never has access to the decryption key." stated Raymond Côte CEO Auric Systems International

Auric's flat rate pricing model makes the PaymentVault service affordable to small and medium sized business, and a bargain for enterprise organizations. Merchants can increase PCI Compliance and reduce their PCI footprint and associated PCI expenditures with the tokenized credit card storage capabilities of the Remote PaymentVault service.

Auric's PaymentVault is hosted in geographically distributed PCI Compliant hosting facilities, providing off-site storage and transparent and automatic data replication. PaymentVault accommodates all payment methods. Merchants have the flexibility to use a preferred tokenization or encryption method. Auric's simple and flexible application programming interface (API), sandbox and documentation enable rapid deployment. PaymentVault is a payment processor independent tokenization solution.

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About Auric Systems International A Level 1 PCI DSS Validated Service Provider, Auric brings security, flexibility, and simplicity to PCI compliant payment technology. From cryptographic key management to tokenized credit card storage, we offer PCI compliant solutions tailored to your payment processing needs.

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