Eco-friendly Bags Made of Hemp Fabric Will Be Available in the End of March 2014

The tentative release date of eco-friendly hemp bags by Methee is around end of March 2014.

After passing through the big effort from the designer team, the first three series of hemp bags or eco-friendly bags under the brand "Methee" are going to be available for both retail or wholesale purchase.

For the ones who would like to make a retail purchase, the hemp bags are listed on the website at .Just choose the eco bags then make a purchase and you are immediately categorized as an eco-friendly person. For the wholesale buyer for the ones who make a purchase for reselling, please email the contact information to the website together with writing a small essay about how the hemp bags is going to be marketed and also please do not forget to make a short brief summary essay about the benefit of environmentally friendly products. For more information on applying to be the distributor please visit http://www.hempmethee.com/hemp-bags-wholesale

Hempmethee offers only the high quality hemp bags that can be considered to be eco-friendly. The products are designed with the dream to make fashion and environment be able to stay together. The main materials used to manufacture the products are eco-friendly hemp fabric from hemp fiber obtained in the deep mountain of Thailand. The cotton linings inside are eco-cotton. Only the natural colors and process are applied to the fabric, this is to make sure that the consumers are not with the products contain chemical substances. Moreover, the labor here are supported with care and fairness, there is not advantage taking on labor. Contact our website for more information about the hemp bags.

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