Eco-Dentistry Association To Host 2012 Earth Day Tweetchat : "Ask a Green Dentist"

The EDA will host its first ever Earth Day Twitter Chat on what it takes to be a thriving, eco-friendly dental practice

This Earth Day, the Eco-Dentistry Association will host its first tweetchat for dental industry professionals and consumers worldwide to discuss the essentials of a high-tech, wellness based, and successful green dental practice. The tweetchat will provide an opportunity for the EDA's GreenDOC™ Certified offices to share advice and expertise related to creating and operating eco-friendly dental offices. Everyone interested in the green transformation of dentistry is invited to participate in the discussion, which will take place on Friday, April 20, 2012 from 10-11:00 AM PST and which will use the hashtag "#ecodentistry" to facilitate the conversation.

The tweetchat will be moderated by the EDA team and hosted by the EDA's GreenDOC™ Certified offices; the GreenDOC™ program allows practices to earn points for the green initiatives they have implemented in the areas listed below, and based upon the number of points garnered, awards either Gold, Silver or Bronze certification:

• Sustainable Location
• Waste Reduction
• Pollution Prevention
• Energy Conservation
• Water Conservation
• Patient Care, Workplace Policies & Community Contribution
• Leadership
• Innovation

In preparation for Earth Day on April 22, the #ecodentistry tweetchat will provide a high-tech platform for industry leaders in green dentistry to share the "nuts and bolts" of green dentistry practices and to help everyone better understand what constitutes a green dental office and its benefits to patients, practitioners and the planet. Dental professionals interested in going green can ask GreenDOCs about everything from energy-saving LED operatory lights to paint containing none of the toxic Volatile Organic Compounds. Consumers may be interested to learn about the low radiation benefits of digital imaging as well as high-tech oral cancer screening modalities, of special focus in April, which is Oral Cancer Awareness month.

"Every industry is examining the ways it can lighten its environmental footprint and the dental offices leading this virtual conversation are on the cutting edge of dentistry's efforts - pun intended", said Ina Pockrass, co-founder of the EDA. "This tweetchat will provide a unique opportunity for leaders of the green dentistry movement to share their expertise in real time."

The #ecodentistry tweetchat is the first in a series of twitter conversations moderated by the EDA focusing on the "how-to" and "why" of choosing eco-friendly dentistry. The EDA's membership base of nearly 700, which spans forty-five U.S. states and thirteen countries world-wide, have pledged to re-think the way they practice dentistry while making outstanding patient and planetary care a top priority. Stakeholders throughout dentistry are members of the EDA, from dental students, to manufacturers and suppliers, to well-established practitioners, brought together by a shared commitment to stimulate rapid adoption of high-tech, Earth-friendly methods in dentistry.


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