Easy Video Suite Reviews-Is It Worth It?

Easy Video Suite Reviews-Is It Worth it?Watch My Easy Video Suite Review Today

Easy Video Suite Review Watch My Easy Video Suite Review Today and learn obvious that Easy Video Suite is a seriously powerful video marketing solution. However, as powerful as it is, it may or may not be something you desperately need. Let me explain why.
Solution #1: Making Videos

One of the features that I am most impressed about in EVS is the ability to do screen recordings or record video directly from your WebCam into Easy Video Suite.

The screen recording feature has features that let you select a specific area, or record your entire screen. Even better, while you are recording your screen, you can use the built in annotation tools to draw, highlight, or animate your screen recording.
The days of having to convert my video and handbrake are finally gone! I say this with a smile because this is such a huge time saver, and makes my life so much easier. Here's how it works. Once you record your video, EVS takes that video and immediately starts converting it into multiple files that are all web ready and can be streamed on any device.

For example, it makes your video streaming easily on phones, tablets, and desktops all in the background. There is only one setting on the video converter, and that is video quality. It is a simple bar that you drag to the right for higher quality, and to the left for lower quality. This makes it so simple and easy to convert your videos without having to use any external software.
Check it out :
And the fun doesn't stop there either!

Solution #3: Uploading Videos

Not only does easy media Suite convert your videos, but it also automatically upload them to both Amazon S3 and YouTube if you desire. All of this is handled in the background. He simply enter in your YouTube login or Amazon S3 details, and then they are saved in the desktop app in Easy Video Suite.

You basically click a button, and then your videos are automatically converted and uploaded to your easy video suite account hands-free. This saves so much time it makes life so much easier since you'll never have to open other programs to get your video online.

Solution #4: Embedding Videos
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