The E-Cigarette Review and Comparison Site Top-rates V2 Cigs, Citing E-liquid Analysis of Random Cartridges

Putting emphasis on the rigorous testing and state-of-the-art e-liquid analysis of V2 Cigs cartridge, rates V2 Cigs as the best electronic cigarette

Advocacies all over the world persuade smokers everywhere to stop the nasty and dangerous habit that kills at least five million people each year: tobacco smoking. To aid the smoking population in their efforts to quit, innovative means to satisfy the nicotine craving without the risks has been invented in the form of electronic cigarettes.

Essentially, e-cigs are developed with the state-of-the-art micro-electronic technology that provides users with a real smoking experience, without smoke, flame, ashes or harsh smell. Earning widespread acceptance and approval of use from some governments, e-cigarettes have flooded the market, thanks to various manufacturers who see potential in the revolutionary alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. is dedicated to providing visitors the most comprehensive data on e-cigarettes. The website offers complete reviews of many e-cigarette brands to help customers decide which brand would suit them best.

Offering comprehensive information and buyers' guide, places the spotlight on V2 Cigs. A pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry, it is the first to provide its customers with detailed test results of all their e-cigarette cartridge production batches. The process involves random V2 Cigs cartridge e-liquid analysis for concentrations of Propylene Glycol/Glycerin and Nicotine, and tested for the presence of any other dangerous contaminants.

Using state-of-the-art detection equipment by a certified third party tester, V2 cigs passes rigorous testing before being packaged and shipped to consumers. Every cartridge box has an expiration date and a batch number printed on it, which can be used to check the test results online using the V2 Cigs website. The only ensures V2 cigs to be the of highest quality and care.

Notably, the V2 Cigs brand is's Editor's Choice. In its V2 Cigs reviews, the website explains how V2 Cigs offer a solid and reliable electronic cigarette backed by great customer support and a lifetime warranty, all at a very reasonable price.

V2 Cigs, according to, has all the features a customer may want from an e-cigarette: automatic and manual models, 3 battery sizes, convenient portable charger cases, a universal adapter, and smooth tasting flavors.

V2 Cigs is a BBB accredited business with an "A" rating.

To learn more about electronic cigarettes and the V2 Cigs review detailing the top-rated brand, please visit for information.

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