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E-Cigarette-Review.net Lists Cautions Customers on Free Electronic Cigarette Trial Scams

E-Cigarette-Review.net, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive e-cigarette reviews and information, rolls out the list of handpicked holiday specials, while warning customers about e-cigar holiday scams.

For years now, e-cigarettes - tagged as the innovative way of getting that nicotine fix - have been creating the buzz among smokers. The cutting edge smoking alternative is does not produce actual smoke, therefore posing no risk of fire.

Because e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular wherever in the world smokers are, it is no surprise how manufacturers would want to produce their very own version of the product. And, while customers are getting more options than ever, selecting the best has become quite a bit difficult. Particularly in this holiday season, there are numerous water vapor cigarette promotions, and it pays to really sort out the legitimate from the bogus offers.

E-Cigarette-Review.net is dedicated to providing complete and updated electronic cigarette information. The website offers detailed e-cigarette reviews of the 20 leading names in the e-cigarrette industry, with consumer reports and buyer's guides provided as well.

With increased e-cigarette consumption expected during the winter holidays, E-Cigarette-Review.net rolls out its list of hand-picked cigarettes that are discounted and available coupon codes to take care of all the smokers on anyone's gift giving list. The website particularly details the best e-cigarette deals and promotions this Christmas from from V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke.

In addition, E-Cigarette-Review.net warns consumers to pay extra attention to their purchases when shopping, and be careful to not fall for free electronic cigarette trial scams. The website underscores that in most cases, free electronic cigarette trial scams come as part of a free e-cigarette starter kit offer that only requires payment of the shipping costs. However, such quit smoking products or smoker's gifts are usually only offered by the lowest quality brands that only disappoint and leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

E-Cigarette-Review.net reminds shoppers that to avoid headaches, it is best to buy only from tested and reviewed e-cigarette companies like V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke or Green Smoke, among many others.

To learn more about the best e-cigarette holiday deals from trusted brands, please visit http://e-cigarette-review.net for information.

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