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Dubai Business Setup - Simple and Beneficial

Dubai business setup allows foreign entrepreneurs to legally increase their profits by minimizing their tax.

Dubai business setup allows foreign entrepreneurs to legally increase their profits by minimizing their tax. Dubai companies are not subjected to any corporate taxes, personal taxes, withholding taxes, VAT, import-export taxes and capital gains tax. The city has 66 international double tax treaties that help reduce the withholding tax on foreign remittances. Offshore business in Dubai allows foreign entrepreneurs to incorporate a legally tax exempt company to extract funds in the form of dividends, management fees, and royalties from regional subsidiaries.

Dubai has the most liberal business laws in the region and hence companies can freely Middle East, African and Asian markets. Dubai has world-class transport infrastructure and logistics, making the city an excellent product distribution centre. The city allows duty free exports to 17 Middle Eastern countries making it an ideal location for offshore setup.

It is very simple and quick to incorporate an offshore company in Dubai. If properly structured, an offshore company in Dubai is legally exempt from corporate tax, making it an ideal international trading vehicle. This Dubai business entity has no public register of shareholders and directors and hence confidentiality is maintained. Healy Consultants is very much experienced in offering its Clients incorporation service for Dubai business entities.

Setting up a business is Dubai allows access to several other international entrepreneurs, as 80% of the city's population is foreigners. This forms the perfect ingredients for creativity and exchange of skills across industries and cultures, stoked by the free market environment. The East and West blend quite happily in the city.

A strategic location and a well developed shipping sector makes Dubai a hub for several international trading companies and freight and shipping companies. Several international banking firms and financial institutions operate here, making the city an excellent source for trade finance facilities.

In addition to great business opportunities, Dubai offers to be a highly visited tourist destination and contains a very cosmopolitan mix of resident and an international level of lifestyle.

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